On the space of BMO


  • santosh ghimire Pulchowk Campus
  • Arjan Kumar Sunar


BMO, weight function, maximal function, Carleson measure,


 The space of bounded mean oscillations, abbreviated BMO, was first introduced by F. John and L. Nirenberg in 1961 in the context of partial differential equations. Later, C. Fefferman proved that the BMO is the dual space of well-known Hardy space, popularly known as  space and became the center of attraction for mathematicians. With the help of BMO space, many mathematical phenomenon can be characterized clearly. In this article, we discuss the connections of function of bounded mean oscillations with weight functions, sharp maximal functions and Carleson measure. 




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santosh ghimire and A. K. . Sunar, “On the space of BMO”, JIE, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 163 - 167, Apr. 2021.