A Report on GIS Based Analysis of Landslides in Myagdi District


  • Sumit Thapa Institute of Engineering, Tribhuwan University


QGIS, Landslide assessment, Myagdi District


 Lanslide have become a routine event during monsoon in Nepal which accompanies a huge social, pysical and economical loss. As the number of lanslide event is in increasing order each year but their proper study is still limited, this assessment is an example of simple step in landsldie study. Also, the developmental activities distrub the topology and hence increase or bring new form of lanslide in the region. This report is mainly a preliminary study of existing landslide in Myagdi district which is generally carried out using QGIS software and remote sensing data available from earthexplorer.usgs.gov and recent google satellite image. From the analysis carried out by using the inbuilt features in QGIS, relationship between various terrain, hydrological and anthropogenic parameters with landslide was driven. Based on this approach a simple precautionary measures in development activities, disaster preparedness and mitigation activities can be carried out.



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S. Thapa, “A Report on GIS Based Analysis of Landslides in Myagdi District ”, JIE, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 69 - 76, Apr. 2021.